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Wisconsin Plastic Products, Inc., uses its META-PLAST ™ technology to manufacture its patented LED light enclosure.

Ingress Protected LED Light Enclosures

Wisconsin Plastic Products, Inc, uses it's META-PLAST technology to produce patented LED light enclosures. The Meta-Plast enclosures provide a watertight, tamper-proof, and very robust Ingress Protected linear enclosure with an internal aluminum heat sink.

The Meta-Plast process combines continuous aluminum roll forming and thermoplastic extrusion into one process. Aluminum coil stock is first roll formed to the desired shape, then coated with multiple polymers forming a seamless enclosure. Internal pressure tabs are co-extruded within the core of the enclosure to provide consistent LED board to aluminum heat sink contact. The continual product is cut to length in-line providing the ability to produce virtually any length light enclosure.

Custom Shaped Light Enclosures

Custom shapes can be produced to fit an existing LED strip or other mating components. Meta-Plast enclosures can be produced to meet the demands of UL, FDA, NSF, TAA, and DLC but most notably immersion protection as high as IP-68 can be achieved with the use of molded end caps.


Utilizing our unique vacuum calibration system, we have the ability to produce Polycarbonate or Acrylic lenses for a variety of applications.

Lens Capabilities

  • Profile sizes ranging from small to very large
  • Thin or heavy wall lenses
  • Diffused, frosted or clear lenses
  • Complex lens shapes
  • Material options to fit specific certification requirements

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