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Profile Extrusions

Our fifteen state-of-the art manufacturing lines are configured with multiple extruders giving us extensive co-extrusion capabilities. Our lines are designed to allow for quick changeover from job to job reducing downtime and increasing efficiency. Utilizing online color metering, we have the capability to introduce and control color at the extruder which provides the ultimate in color stability and quick changeover.

Vacuum Calibration

Using our unique vacuum calibration system we are able to manufacture your product to exact dimensions. As material exits the extrusion die, it enters a series of calibration blocks where a vacuum is applied drawing the material against the walls of the calibrator. The material is cooled and solidified which ensures consistently tight dimensional control. Vacuum calibration insures dimensional stability and consistency from part to part and run to run. (See image to right.)

Our Specialty is Co-Extrusion Custom Profiles

Co-extrusion is the process of extruding two different materials at the same time in order to form one final unique product. Flexible and rigid materials can be combined to produce parts with bulb gaskets, sealing fins, living hinges and soft touch features. Wisconsin Plastic Products also offers tri-extrude and quad-extrude custom profiles. 

Capstocking Co-Extrusion

Capstocking is a form of co-extrusion that applies a thin high performance layer of plastic typically to the exterior surface of the profile.

Cellular Foaming Extrusions

At Wisconsin Plastic Products, we utilize both free foaming and Celuka foaming processes to produce extrusions with heavy wall sections. The cellular foaming extrusion process reduces the material density (weight) of the part as much as 50%. The Celuka process produces parts with a hard surface skin and foamed interior. Benefits of foamed extrusions are weight reduction, cost reduction, wood simulation, staple and nail holding power.

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